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Being A Gracious Wedding Host

Recently, an article came to my attention in which a bride made certain demands of her guests.   Included in these "requests" was an expectation that each guest contribute  a minimum dollar amount .  You really can't make this stuff up!  Once I picked my jaw back up off the floor, I got to thinking,  where did this sense of entitlement come from?   Weddings are about love and celebration, NOT expectation. It is in that spirit that I bestow unto you:   TIPS FOR BEING A GRACIOUS WEDDING HOST! Whether you are throwing a lavish party for 300,  or a sweet backyard elopement, please keep these things in mind! This is easily one of my favorite sentiments! When you enter into anything with an expectation- a relationship, an experience, even a simple conversation- you are almost guaranteed to be disappointed in some way.   Leave your expectations at the door!  Brooke Ellen Photography When it comes to a Wedding, your focus should be on c

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